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Local Chicago bartender passes away


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This may be the wrong section cause its from back in the day, but this bartender just died and it was in the chicago newspaper.


Barb Glomski hung out with Slash, rebuffed an advance from Iggy Pop and bowled with the Smashing Pumpkins’ Jimmy Chamberlin.

Once, “Guns N’ Roses were rehearsing, they were writing an album on the top floor, so they hung out there,” Urbutis said. Slash “would come behind the bar with us and just hang out.”

I wonder which album

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Guns were in Chicago to work on the Illusions records. In the end they largely called it a waste of time and money since they never really worked cohesively as a unit, and if memory serves, Axl was several weeks late in showing up.

But I read in the book Watch You Bleed (which admittedly has many factual inaccuracies), that they stayed near or in the same building as Smart Bar and would always hang out there (Slash and Duff ... maybe Sorum too).

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