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Decent electro/glitch dance songs

Dan H.

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I'm looking for some good but interesting tracks to make a playlist for my party next week.

No dubstep, and nothing pre-1990, preferably nothing pre-2000s unless its worth my time.

Looking for stuff like NIN, The Prodigy, Crystal Castles, Girl Talk, Pretty Lights, M83, etc.

Absolutely no dubstep.

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The problem with wanting glitch and no dub is that most current glitch artists cross over into that territory... buuuuuuuut

Chill / Slower:

(Recommend looking into these guys)

GRiZ - You Got To Change

Pretty Lights - High School Art Class (Awesome song, but it's long and takes a while to take off)

(should watch this song and the vid together start to finish)


(I LOVE this guy, but most of his stuff is a bit "dubby")

Wolfgang Gartner - Space Junk [Overwerk Remix]

Justice - Civilization [L.A.S.E.R remix]

Also try looking into... Mord Fustang (has dubby breaks and stuff, but mostly electro) and Madeon (kid wizard).

Sorry, I tried - I listen to a lot of dub though, so 2/3rd's of what I'd put you onto is out. Also pretty much none of this fits the bill on any of the artists you've posted. Tried to keep it interesting! :lol:

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