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Recommend me some Muse / Radiohead


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my favorite band is GNR and I'm a HUGE Pink Floyd fan and I listen to almost everything in rock n roll.

I kinda want to discover "new" bands lately and want to give a try to Muse and Radiohead as I have been listening great things about these bands for years now, but actually never cared for them or give them a good serious try.

could you recommend me songs AND albums? where should I start?


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For Radiohead, start with OK Computer. I don't personally like Kid A that much, but tons of people think it's the best shit ever, so give that a listen after OKC.

For Muse, Absolution. After that, Origin of Symmetry and Black Holes & Revelations.

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Start with OK Computer or The Bends. Skip Pablo Honey, it's just 'meh'.

If you want to go in head first from there, hit up Kid A. It's a tough but extremely rewarding listen, and one of the best albums ever created.

If you want to take it slower, go for In Rainbows, and Hail to the Thief.


Black Holes and Revelations, Absolution, Origin of Symmetry. That's all you need to hear.

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if you like radiohead experimental stuff, give a listen to scott walker's album tilt...

soft machine's first three albums are incredible too. the soft machine weren't always as unknown as they are now - at one point (the earliest point in their career), they seriously rivalled pink floyd as britain's most bizarre underground outfit. the "classic" soft machine albums haven't dated a wee bit - they still remain as one of the pinnacles of modern avantgarde, and should be heavily recommended for just about anybody interested in that kind of music.

a great article about soft machine : http://starling.rinet.ru/music/soft.htm




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I guess I'll be the only advocate for The Resistance and The 2nd Law by Muse.

I like The Resistance too. But it must be said that it's not as 'rock' as the others. There's touches of classical sounds in there, which I really like so I didn't find it a bad album at all. Undisclosed Desires is one of my favourite ever songs, so I personally think anyone interested in Muse should hear The Resistance as well as the others mentioned.

Haven't heard The 2nd Law yet, so no comment.

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