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They'd be better off scrapping the London DVD planned release and recording the Las Vegas shows

Screamin' Demon

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On one hand the London show that has been announced for release is getting heavy criticism due to a poor vocal performance by Axl. Rather than to view fans as ungrateful or insatiable, the band should take privilege of having the opportunity to cancel the release due to the sales forecast looking bad, given the fan reactions. The band should really consider this. On the other hand, here they are about to do a handful of shows in Las Vegas, announcing that there will be surprises. If there really will be surprises and if Axl's voice will be much better this time around, it would be much more effective to either record one of the shows and prepare it for release, or even better play different setlists each night, record all the shows professionally with a camera crew and make a concert DVD consisting of the best performances of each song, plus whatever songs they perform on a one off. This could number the list of songs played to over 30 if they vary it enough. Next, the whole Appetite For Democracy cover is very eye catching and would make a perfect DVD cover art.

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