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10/31/12 - Las Vegas @ The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

Silent Jay

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is that mickey mouse on Axls shirt ? :lol:

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Love how many different Mickey shirts Axl wears these days. Stick it to the haters, sir!

OMFG I didn't even get that, lol.

He wore at least 3 different ones at the Philly UCAP show, and this wasn't even one of em!

does he just like mickey or is he telling us he reads the forums?

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Well, the order of the set is DEFINITELY different so far. No "Sorry" yet..surprising.

Rocket Queen, sweet. It doesnt look like much different. I just would like to know how packed it is and how he sounds. When I do the updates, if someone posts for me, I will let you guys know bout all that crap.

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