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Street Child


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The solo is alright, hardly groundbreaking. Typical Slash bendy-blues notes kinda stuff.

What makes you think that a solo needs to be groundbreaking to be good? BBF plays "groundbreaking" guitar but his music is unbearable to listen to.

It's an expression. All I meant was that it was hardly amazing. Just a decent blues solo, hardly worth the mountain of praise it gets. Christ.

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Street Child O' Mine.

Can you believe I'd never heard this until now? Why has this never been mentioned to me until now? Hmm...

I still think Mother Maria is one of the most underrated Slashman tunes in recent time. Would have preferred to hear him do a whole album with Beth Hart rather than Myles, tbh. Her Janis Joplin blues-rock vocals are a perfect match for him. He needs to stray away from the sleaze-metal shit.

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