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Doug Goldstein


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How would you describe Doug Goldstein tenure working for GNR. Was he an Axl yes man? Is he partially to blame for the split? Who are some of the middle men responsible for tearing this band apart?

When he was their tour manger he was the one keeping things cool. When he became their manger things were ok for a while and then he became a Yes Man to Axl. Maybe because he thought he would get fired? Catering to one members needs while he should have had also been looking out for the other guys too. I don't think Doug knew what he became until years after he was not working with the band. I talked to him a few years ago and he told me to tell Slash that he was sorry for the things that went down. I guess he felt that he didn't represent them evenly But as a tour manger, there was no one like him. He took care of shit that no one would think of doing and he was doing the job of what it would take 3 people to do.

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