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Axl's best vocal with the new lineups


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I've been reading this forum for the last few months now so thought I'd create an account. I think the new band are pretty good but Axl has been so hit and miss vocally. What do you think his best vocal has been since the UYI era? For me I'd pick the Rock AM RING gig. This sounds amazing:

Or street of dreams at reading:

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I'd rate the vocals like this:

1.) 2006 - not as powerful as 2010 but not as much reverb and delay on the vocals either, energetic and natural performances mostly, still had some fire and mystique and kind of a darker edge to it all, fewer rants but they happened, probably the last concerts with an actual edge before DJ Ashba joined and the whole thing turned into a corporate product and a visual show more than an actual rock concert.

2.) 2010 - very consistent and strong vocals but too many sound effects at times and too static performances, no more rants except for a couple of stupid pissing contests with audiences and promoters, hiding under a hat and sunglasses started here, along with more pyros, DJ Ashba and all the other crap draggin attention away from the music and the lead singer.

3.) 2002 - they call it the "Mickey Mouse" voice, but imo he still had a lot of fire underneath and overall, still doing rants, sporting Buckethead and kind of a dark vibe with lots of mystique, the last time he did a lot of running on stage and perhaps the finest versions of "Street Of Dreams" and "Madagascar" ever, some of the soundboards of that tour are better than what you hear on the actual album.

4.) 2012 - mostly hit and miss, pretty good but never truly great on good nights, absolutely horrible on bad nights, overall no fire, no energy, just putting on a show, sad, tragic, boring, the first time I didn't bother getting tickets.

Rio 2011, UCP and the wedding shows I can't comment as I turned it off after a couple of songs it was just too painful to watch. Bridge School I cut him some slack for showing up supporting the good cause but still the performance was as laughable as the excuse.

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Probably my favorite live version of Sorry.

Probably my favorite live version of Sorry.

I was at Adelaide, phenomenal show (2nd behind sydney).

There is a mother fucker on htgth who is hoarding the whole show and has no interest in releasing it. I might leak the pm's I had with him where he wanted over $600 , what a fucking jackass

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Barcelona 2010 is fantastic, along with Atlantic City and Philly 2012.

Los Angeles and Rock am Ring from 2006 are probably the best for that period.

Dublin 2010 could easily be the best vocal performance in years though. Due to Axl not moving at all, he was able to focus only on his voice, which was top-fucking-notch.

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