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The reason MTV doesn't play videos anymore


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Cool, so my generation killed music videos?

You're welcome :)

Comes down to flow of advertising dollars. Once Steve Jobs had the iPod out there, and people were sharing music, the music industry stupidly didn't instill a subscription service in place and wanted to fight a losing battle. If you go back to the MP3.com years, they went to used CD stores, ripped a ton of discs, then exchanged them for more within a day or two, then they were blocked from doing this. Basically did a "ask for forgiveness and then ask for permission." MP3.com wound up becoming Emusic, which pretty much created digital distribution and licensing because Universal was backing it, and there were people from the industry building it.

MTV never paid royalties to bands, even though some deals were made from time to time.

And like I said before, when bands were making this big ass videos, that's where the "making of" videos came into play, that was from Michael Jackson's "Making of Thriller". GNR was able to cover the costs of "Don't Cry", "November Rain" and "Estranged" with "Making Fucking Videos". Now a band can slap a DVD into a Deluxe Edition and charge a few extra bucks.

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What do you mean music videos are dead when 99.8% of the halloween costumes this year were from the Gangnam Style video?

No one watches MTV when a music video comes out, they'll watch an award show or You Tube, or if they're a fan of the band, get the announcement via Twitter and Facebook. The priority of a band making music video is far less than it used to be, but they still manage to stir up controversy from time to time. The latest thing is to put an animated video out with the words, which to me is just as good as a video the band would be in.

I don't agree with using the MTV logo as a channel name. The M still stands for Music, and should've come up with a variation on the name once they went in the direction of more TV shows. It's a lifestyle channel that's distanced itself from music, and should've come up with a way of making an interactive channel where people got to pick the videos they wanted to see. I do think they'll eventually have that channel, but almost every MTV branch has wound up incorporating tv shows and movies on their other channels. I like Palladia because it's just concerts and videos, with a movie on a really rare occasion.

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