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Guns N' Roses in Tokyo Dec 18


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Google Translate says this:

"● Axel Rose, founder of the band to start a band in over 25 years ago, since sold albums more than one billion in the world, it has become one of the band's greatest in the history of music .

● major debut album "appetite-for-destruction" has recorded a first place in all 28 million or more in sales, as a debut album in the United States only. I became hits and more than such as "Welcome to the Jungle," "Paradise City" this groundbreaking album, chart and # 1 "Sweet Child of Mine", musical direction I have changed the property itself.

● become a studio album of his 3 "Ⅰ & Ⅱ-Use Your Illusion" is a double album was the first to dominate the top of the Billboard charts, while the band is on tour for more than two years, week 108 I had entered the chart over. With a theatrical trilogy called "Novu~enba Rain", "Do not Cry", "estrange" earth this release, the band led to new areas of the video (the video) also.

● Record the # 1 debut in 13 countries, "Chinese Democracy", the latest version was released in November 2008, has won a platinum album in 15 countries.

● The band has continued to tour for several million fans you are in the world.

● played a pneumatic (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April 2012."

Didn't they start in Japan in 2009? It'd be cool if they wrapped it up in the same place, they went on to the next record.

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GnR is basically a nostalgia act for most 'fans' so it's only natural that Axl will keep on touring endlessly his 'greatest hits' catalogue.

Why should he record more music after the CD 'fiasco'? CD part II can only do worse, I'd say much worse... "Truth is the truth hurts, don't you agree?"

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