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Why are people so afraid of upsetting Axl?


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I've noticed a lot of people seem to be really afraid of Axl, particularly when it comes to anything that might upset him, to the extent that people try to hide things from him or deal with issues pertaining to Axl without his knowledge in some kind of misguided sense of loyalty in an effort to protect him.

Just what is it about an "upset" Axl that scares so many people that know him?

I know he is your friend but from an outsiders perspective it really makes him sound like a psychologically unhinged person who is a danger to both himself and indeed perhaps even a threat to others when "upset".

The whole thing sounds really UNHEALTHY - like an elaborate circus designed to keep Axl in a bubble and on the road making money.

I fear this will all end badly should Axl ever be forced to actually deal with reality for a change.

I often wonder how he would cope if for whatever reason this elaborate bubble that has been constructed around him were to ever collapse and expose him to the real world.

It's all a bit too close to Michael Jackson territory for my liking.

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I think where he grew up influenced some of the brawling - lower class neighborhoods tend to deal with things that way, and maybe it took him a longer time than most to grow out of handling problems that way. Throw in being highly sensitive and rewarded for bad behavior prob. prolonged some of it. He seems to want to deal with his problems through lawyers instead of breaking stuff.

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