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Your top 10 favorite Slash post-GNR songs?


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I went ten extra, because I wanted to have at least one from each album:

20. Mary Mary

19. Just 16

18. Mother Maria

17. Slither

16. Nothing to Say

15. Back from Cali

14. Back to the Moment

13. What Do You Want to Be?

12. Shine

11. Loving the Alien

10. Do It for the Kids

9. Serial Killer

8. Anastasia

7. Starlight

6. By the Sword

5. Back and Forth Again

4. The Truth

3. Fall to Pieces

2. Superhuman

1. Beggars & Hangers-On

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1. Been There Lately

2. Let It Roll

3. You Got No Right

4. Mean Bone

5. Sucker Train Blues

6. One Last Thrill

7. Landslide

8. Anastasia

9. What Do You Want To Be

10. Back From Cali

11. Hard & Fast

12. Baby Can't Drive

13. Fall To Pieces

14. Serial Killer

15. Shots Fired

16. Doctor Alibi

17. Set Me Free

18. Beggars & Hangers-On

19. Starlight

20. The Truth

21. Just Sixteen

22. We're All Gonna Die

23. Dime Store Rock

24. The Last Fight

25. Ain't Life Grand

26. Loving The Alien

27. Neither Can I

28. Slither

29. She Builds Quick Machines

30. Mary Mary

And this list still leaves off about 20 or more songs I REALLY enjoy. Slash has an incredible post GNR catalogue IMO.

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By The Sword


Back and Forth again


Obsession Confession

Dime Store Rock

Beggars and Hangers On

Sucker Train Blues

Lovin The Alien

Set Me Free

Fall To Peaces

Been There Lately


Back To The Moment

Mother Maria

Let It Roll

Back From Cali

Watch This


Nothing To Say

And a lot more, especially some of his guest features Street Child, Vengeance Is Mine and Fields of Joy (I know the last song was recorded before he left)

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