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Joy Division and the Magnetic Fields

Dan H.

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Two vastly underrated, amazing bands, with a great sound.

The Joy Division were decades ahead of their time. Absolutely phenomenal.

The Magnetic Fields are one of the best 90s bands that is almost never mentioned.

Please appreciate these awesome bands.

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Joy Division isn't underrated at all, why are you saying that?

Or at least, they aren't in my country and music press. Ian Curtis is a legend.

Brilliant band by te way, I was/am a big fan, from the age of 8! Not lying!

I had a six year older girl living next to me, who I adored, she introduced me to all kind of 'different' bands.

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Guest Len B'stard


Amazing doc of Joy Division, as in brilliant, as in unbelievable.

4:50 :D (i love the Manc voice going "YOUR BANDS A LOAD OF FOOKIN' BOLLOCKS!" :lol:)

and 7:51, what their first punk inspired songs sounded like :lol:

I think Joy Division were fantastic by the way, fuckin' brilliant, like REALLY brilliant. Hookies a fuckin' legend. Just really fuckin' dark like...futuristic sounding music, like fuckin' Tron level futuristic, it's fuckin' weird as fuck that that music came out of Manchester and then in other ways it's like fuckin', it makes so much sense, fuckin' dark, industrial sounding, "esoteric", for one of the most pointless bullshit fuckin' worlds ever used to describe music ever, esoteric, yeah, thats what it sounds like *cue smoke and a loud bang coming out of an upturned top hat*.

Really brilliant though, kinda like fuckin' Kraftwerk and like...Neu and like...post fuckin' Stooges break up Iggy, like Sister Midnight, apparently that was playing when they found ol' Ian on the washline, bless his mental epileptic soul. There was this great 4 CD boxset thing i got of their for like 20 quid down Virgin years ago with like, this whole fuckin' book about em written by Paul Morley, in short, if anyones read Paul Morley, his writings like....well put it this way, he shoulda just put ESOTERIC acrosss all 80 plus pages of it in big black marker along with some Anton Corjbin photos, anyway, yeah, best boxset i ever, great stuff. My favorite JD track though?

That and She's Lost Control...actually that whole fuckin' first album Unknown Pleasures as one big fuckin', just end to end that album :)

There are those who'd have you believe Martin Hannett was the brains behind JD.

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Hannett played a big part in directing the band's sound but they were coming up with the songs, name, image, etc. Ian seemed to come across as kind of this sensitive but fairly normal guy with an epilepsy problem (which Lydon also had) who had a lot thrown at him at once at his age. I also think of Syd Barrett, because he had a hard time dealing with things, except he went into this altered reality that caused him to crack up and fried his brain. Not so much acid, but just being highly sensitive and unable to deal with responsibilities.

There's prob. some common traits Syd and Ian both had.

I'm sure Hook was a funk fan... anyone who's played the bass like him, Duff, Flea, Les, etc.. funk was part of their schooling.

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Guest Len B'stard

Lydon had meningitis not epilepsy.

Also, Joy Division were fucking yobbos, don't get it twisted. A lot of what occurs in the translation of English culture over to America is like, certain things get missed out and forgotten or misrepresented and one of the main one of those is that Joy Division were like, these nice, sensitive slightly dark lads, like the emos of their time or something which is....SOO wrong :lol: It's so wrong it's hilairious.

Joy Division were fuckin manchester fuckin' hooligans (not literally football firms, i just mean like...louts :lol:) Seriously, all these Emo's and sensitive fuckin' skinny blazer wearers that love em these days, especially in America, cuz they think they're like...the artistic kids out of school, the sensitive ones who got bullied, the wrist slashers, they were the opposite, they were horrible beer drinking fuckin' lairy cunts. Ian Curtis this nice boy that wrote sensitive fuckin' lyrics and was all deep and introspective, fuck offffffff :lol: They were more likely to be the bullys than the bullied.

It's why it makes me laugh that these guys who like...came out of the punk movement, in Manchester of all places, not the nicest friendliest place at the best of times, least of all in the 70s, are like...y'know, somehow related to the Evanescences of this world, Hookie used to dive in crowds and go and fuckin' flatten skinheads for fun.

Sort of annoying actually, the way history misrepresents these things. Something'll come from like, the streets or whatever, working class lads at any rate and if it's anything bordering on intellectual history has to re-write it as some kind of fuckin'...y'know, eliminate all the messy working class elements and make it into something else altogether until like, 30 years down the line that thing has almost nothing to do with what it was about in the first place.

Whats wrong with the straight truth, it's just as fuckin' interesting, 4 working class lads from Manchester that came up with this amazing fucking transcendent music, they try and make Ian into this Jim Morrison figure when like, he was basically pretty egg and chips. Intelligent and all that? Definitely, had an amazing way with words and like, had his own voice as well (he's basically trying to do like, an Iggy croon, who was tryna do Jim Morrison, who was tryna do Frank Sinatra :lol:)...great stage presence, i don't understand the need to like...take it away from the reality of it.

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Joy Division is OVERRATED if anything.

Unknown Pleasures has its moments, but it is not "all killer and no filler", like the critics say. Closer is terrible.

New Order had better albums

and U2 is basically the band JD wanted to be.....but Curtis just wasn't lyricist Bono was/is.

Fields suck. critic's darlings in one of "indie's rocks" cool periods, but but they lack substance. A thousand songs and you can't remember one...

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