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Did Axl jump from the Oil tanker in Estranged vid?


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How high was the oil tanker? 25m? More? I don't think one of the biggest music stars on the planet jumps 25m from a ship into the ocean for a music video. You can do yourself serious damage jumping from that kind of height, it would need training, not to mention Axl looks super cool before he jumps, what does he have nerves of steel?

Would Tom Cruise do this jump for a movie? I don't think so.

It's pretty amazing if Axl did jump.

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Axl prob. used to jump off bridges into the Wabash River and roll out of moving cars. Maybe it was a stuntman who did it, but with editing, camera angles, speed, etc, might have seemed higher. If he did it, he would've been cleared by a doctor and a stuntman.

The director had also been a professor in UCLA I think - answered a bunch of questions about the GNR videos.

Maybe Matt or someone would also confirm it or deny it.

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