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If MyGNR was a High School


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I'd be the chick who hung out with Georgy, and we'd laugh at the ridiculousness of the Great Skype War. Every once in awhile, I'd drop by the metal table and exchange Black Sabbath bootlegs with bran.

Can I come too?

Only if you supply the booze.

Got my dad's Maker's Mark! Lets do it under the bleachers...drinking I mean.

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Fuck yeah! We'd be the classiest drinkers in school. None of that Miller Light in a plastic cups.

Lol. While listening to talk radio I heard a commercial for Toby Keith's new album with the song "Red Solo Cup". Such an awful song/video.

The reason Toby recorded that song was because it was the worst song he'd ever heard and he knew he could get away with it. And he did. The video won a CMA.

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Superintendent Subsy

Principal Highvoltage

I like that idea.

All the mods would be teachers. Except maybe BS, I could see him in the roll of crazy yet sometimes wise groundskeeper.

Or that'd be Greame. His Scotishness reminds me off Groundskeeper Willie.

Personally, I'd be a lot like Jeff Winger from Community.

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