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Boston 2002 was 10 years ago

Crash Diet

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I like Nightrain from that show.

That's my 2nd fav Nightrain from the new lineups (1st is the 2006 Rock am Ring)

The best of the '02 shows, maybe tied with MSG.

I'm one of the few people that actually liked his 2002 voice, except there were only a few shows where he actually sounded good using it. Boston and MSG were about as good as that type of voice got. Listening to a show like Nampa is painful though.

I don't like his 2002 voice back in the day, but now in 2012 the 2002 voice was still better than what he have now on most of the shows

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Im not that big of a fan of that lineup (better than the current one) but I just cant help and remember the feeling of hype during that era. It was still that feeling of what the heck will happened and Axl still had that potential of making great music. VR was happening and everyone was just wondering what Axl and co. would do to top it. It was just a fascinating time to be a GnR fan.

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I was at the Boston show and thought it was very entertaining. Went to the North End for an excellent dinner and some good wine to start things off.

Really enjoyed that band and was fascinated with Buckethead all show but have to say I never thought for a minute I was watching the real GnR.......

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I was at that show (crazy to think it was ten years ago - where has the time gone?). In terms of show quality, I would put this one slight behind the following MSG show (I attended that one as well). It was better than Toronto and London that year (and way better than Detroit), but not by much.

I think a lot of these shows kind of get a mythical reputation that people buy into, but not sure how accurate such a depiction really is. People who usually attribute greatness onto a show usually are people who weren't there (and listen heard it through bootlegs) or only attended that one show. As someone who saw multiple shows that year, I will say it was a great show, but not iconic or legendary as some are making it out to be.

If there was one show that came close to legendary from that era, it would have to have been the MSG show. The band came out relatively early, there were very little breaks between songs (which is a characteristic many people seem to forget from that tour), Axl sounded the best of the whole tour, the crowd was simply more electric and energetic than any other show (perhaps because the band didn't make them wait 2 hours plus like many of the other shows), Axl had some great stage banter, and the band just lived up to the moment. It's all relative, but of the five shows I attended that year, this was clearly the best one. Boston was great, but it wasn't New York City.

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Nothing beats the excitement in those shows. That bad was badass


Axl was hungry for more success at that time, imo

It's a shame that CD doesn't released in 2002.

If it was released in 2002, maybe we'd get CD II in 2006, which would mean a great tour to support it with Axl sounding great, and then if they managed to get CD III out in 2009/10 we'd get another great tour, and all of the tours would sound different.

Oh, and Bucket wouldn't leave.

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People were loving the show, but at the same time, they had to be thinking "What in the fuck?!" :lol:

They were. I heard more than one conversation talking about the old band as if they were playing that night.

Also, the few people that dressed up as Bucket managed to confuse the hell outta some people.

On side note, I was bummed to see Axl wear every sports jersey under the sun all tour long, only to snub my New England Patriots.

Must have been what they did to his Raiders the year before. :takethat:

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