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Guns N’ Roses Plays Marathon Gig In Mumbai

Bruno P.

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December 9th 2012, MMRDA Grounds, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai, India: Having performed in Bangalore a couple of days ago, Guns N’ Roses brought their first ever India tour to the city of Mumbai. Their Los Angeles gig last year was, in my absolute honest opinion, one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen, so I had high expectations from them this time, and waited eagerly for this show ever since the time it was announced. The day finally arrived, and I got to the venue at around 5.30. The line of people was extremely long for both the Silver and Gold ticket sections, but the organizing staff was handling things quite professionally, and it wasn’t long before we got inside, picked up our passes, and went to see the Mumbai-based opening band Goddess Gagged, who had just started their set.

I’ll admit, I hadn’t heard their music before seeing them at this show. When I first heard the band’s name, I was imagining a grindcore-type band, but I was completely wrong. They’re more like a modern progressive post-hardcore band with clean vocals, if that makes any sense to you. The majority of the vocals were of the clean variety, sung by Siddharth Basrur, while Bhayanak Maut vocalist Sunneith Revankar joined in on the growls, and Skyharbor guitarist Devesh Dayal is also in this band. I tried my best to like their music and get involved in their set, but it just wasn’t happening. To me, their material simply didn’t come across as strong enough to capture an audience in which the majority of people weren’t even familiar with the band. There was no great energy or stage presence either. Siddharth and Sunneith did a good job with their respective vocal deliveries, but it wasn’t really gelling with the music. Devesh Dayal was the saving grace, for sure. I enjoyed most of his solos, and he’s a guy I’d definitely want to see perform again. I don’t have any frame of reference as I’d never seen them before, but I think it’s safe to say this wasn’t Goddess Gagged’s best ever gig, and they didn’t fit in with the Guns N’ Roses style of music either.

Right, on to the Guns N’ Roses part of the review then. A word of warning: if you’re a hater of the current GNR lineup, or a hater of Axl Rose, I’d suggest you to stop reading right about now because you’re certainly going to be upset by what I’m about to write in the rest of this review.

There was a 30-minute break following Goddess Gagged’s set. I was a bit surprised to find that there was no alcohol sale inside the venue. Some people seemed pissed off but probably forgot about the alcohol soon, and just watched the show instead. At 6.45, a representative from the promoters Mooz Entertainment came on stage and told us that the band would hit the stage in just a few minutes. Sure enough, at 6.56, 4 minutes before the scheduled set time, the lights went out, and the band appeared one by one while an intro bit was played on the PA. They started out with ‘Chinese Democracy’, the title song off of the latest album, and the crowd were ecstatic to finally get to see this band right in front of their eyes, after an eternally long wait. But the fun part really began with the next song, none other than ‘Welcome To The Jungle’. The tone for the performance was set, and the band went from strength to strength, delivering the old classics, the Chinese Democracy tunes, as well as cover renditions, all with equal aplomb, energy and dedication. If you took a glance at their facial expressions during the show, you could tell that each member was having an absolute blast up on that stage. This was not a band simply going through the motions. This Guns N’ Roses lineup was putting its entire heart, soul, sweat and musical prowess into this performance.

In terms of their playing, the band pretty much nailed every single song they had on this truly epic set list. I probed deep, but to my eyes and ears there were no apparent mistakes. In fact, songs like ‘It’s So Easy’, ‘Estranged’, ‘You Could Be Mine’, ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’, ‘November Rain’, ‘Civil War’ and ‘Patience’ were done so well that it was goosebump-worthy for many in the audience. Besides the original tunes and covers, they also had individual solos and jams wherein each of the three guitarists Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal, DJ Ashba and Richard Fortus got a chance to take center stage and showcase their guitar-playing. Even though these solos broke up the set list, and I could sense a degree of impatience among a few members of the audience, I thoroughly enjoyed them. I’m very much appreciative of the band for doing this, because we got to witness the talents of these three amazing musicians. Fortus and DJ Ashba did excellent solos, but for me the highlight was, yet again, Mr. Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal. Quite honestly, he’s one of the most delightful guitarists I’ve ever seen perform. He enjoys playing guitar so much that it transfers onto the audience as well. He proves that a guitarist doesn’t need to compose million-note solos if he or she can learn to play each and every note with feel.

As for Axl Rose, his incredible level of performance in 3-hour sets such as this one continues to leave critics and haters dumbfounded. He was full of energy, and his vocal delivery was intense. For their own pleasure, the haters can keep on posting the same stupid internet memes about Axl being ‘late’, ‘fat’ or ‘unable to sing’, but the reality is totally different, and the 20,000 people that turned up for this show got to experience the real Axl Rose.

Sound-wise, everything was great, at least from where we were standing, and the high quality of the sound system played a crucial role in us being able to hear what these musicians were doing on stage. The evergreen ‘Paradise City’ was the final song for the night, and right when the song kicked into gear, the entire Gold section got engulfed in paper confetti. At the end of the song, the band took a collective bow and thanked the Mumbai crowd for their attendance. People left the show thoroughly satisfied at getting to see a band that gave them their money’s worth, and then some. For me, the highlight was still ‘November Rain’. There’s just something about that song and the perfection with which they play it. The memory of that rendition is going to stay in my mind for a while.

All in all, Guns N’ Roses lived up to my expectations and put on an insanely fantastic performance. This was a ‘rock concert’ in its truest sense.

Set List:

1. Chinese Democracy

2. Welcome to the Jungle

3. It’s So Easy

4. Mr. Brownstone

5. Estranged

6. Rocket Queen

7. Richard Fortus Guitar Solo (Blacklight Jesus of Transylvania)

8. Live and Let Die (Wings cover)

9. This I Love


11.Motivation (Tommy Stinson on lead vocals, with band introductions)

12.Dizzy Reed Piano Solo (No Quarter by Led Zeppelin)

13.Catcher in the Rye

14.Street of Dreams

15.There Was a Time

16.You Could Be Mine

17.DJ Ashba Guitar Solo (Ballad of Death)

18.Sweet Child O’ Mine

19.Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 (Pink Floyd cover, with Axl on piano)

20.November Rain

21.Objectify (Bumblefoot on lead vocals)

22.Don’t Cry

23.The Seeker (The Who cover)

24.Civil War

25.Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Bob Dylan cover)




28.Don’t Let It Bring You Down (Neil Young cover)




32.Paradise City


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Objectify :lol: I just posted the review, I'm not the reviewer :lol:

Ok, sorry he does say Ron was the highlight.

this part I thought maybe you were trolling so to speak

Fortus and DJ Ashba did excellent solos, but for me the highlight was, yet again, Mr. Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal. Quite honestly, he’s one of the most delightful guitarists I’ve ever seen perform. He enjoys playing guitar so much that it transfers onto the audience as well. He proves that a guitarist doesn’t need to compose million-note solos if he or she can learn to play each and every note with feel.

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More positive reviews -

Guns n' Roses in Mumbai: 'November rain' in mid December


Guns n' Roses in Mumbai: 'November rain' in mid December



Mumbai, Dec 10 (ANI): Rock legends Guns N' Roses had fans grooving to their tunes recently in entertainment capital Mumbai during their maiden India tour. Thousands of fans assembled at the city's MMRDA grounds for the concert, which saw the band belt out widely popular numbers like "Sweet Child of Mine", "Welcome to the Jungle" and "November Rain" among others. The concert saw television and movie stars in attendance, all enthusiastic at seeing the music legends perform before their eyes.

Youtube video -

Bollywood celebs at the Guns concert -


Where Bollywood goes, the rest of India follows. If Axl managed to sell the line up to the Indian classes and masses, follow up tours could just see more massive crowds. Bangalore usually has crowds approaching 50000 but this time, the concert was held on the outskirts of the city. If they manage to do a show at the Bangalore Palace grounds on a follow up tour, they could be looking at South America like numbers. Two down one to go. I hope that the boys Rock Delhi/Gurgaon.

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Another positive review -


Thank you India, Mumbai and Freddie Mercury!

Axl Rose, the last remaining member of the original lineup of Guns N' Roses, walked the line between expectation and performance at the MMRDA Grounds in Bandra on Sunday.

While the frontman, one of the greatest in rock history, nailed some of his classic hits there were moments in which he was clearly straining. But the thousands at the venue could not fault the 50-year-old on effort, and left after a staggeringly long

set-list, satisfied if not sated.

The American group took the stage at 6.55 pm, their presence sending the crowd who had been waiting since 4 pm, into raptures.

Axl was in fabulous form, he got the crowd going with Chinese Democracy, held them engrossed through Sweet Child O’ Mine and kept hitting all the high notes, much to the delight of the fans who had turned up at the venue not knowing what to expect.

In between November Rain, Axl Rose popped a pill into his mouth and had a swig from a paper glass. “That’s an Asprin,” he told the audience. “I’m having it so that my mood stays good for all you guys.”

Right through the show he had his fans on the edge, fascinating them while changing his jacket at least 15 times.

“I’ve been wanting to come to India for the last 27 years,” he told the audience who hung on to every word of his. “It’s finally happened. I’m so happy, I’m so thankful to you guys for being here.”

His appreciation was evident towards the end when he proclaimed, “Thank you India, Mumbai, Bombay — and Freddie Mercury!”

Guns N’ Roses performed at Bangalore on Friday and now fly to New Delhi for a concert on Wednesday that wraps up their three-stop tour.

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Sorry But i Easily Felt it was above 30k crowd xD

Guns N' Roses Concert was Fucking amazing , I reached to the Venue While Going near to the ticket counter, Guy Arrived infront of me o, I was Like wad? and he said i have complimentary Pass Pay me 1000 i all give u 1500 cost ticket i barged and gt it for 600 rs :---D Hehe

Entered into Silver gate .. It was Packed, Got more Greedy :-----P Felt if i Could Enter Gold gate and can see Axl, Dj from front How amazing it would be? , Came bck to Entrance and thought i will risk it.

.. :---D

Told Security Guy i all come back in 15 mins at silver gate, n went near Gold gate Now the Security Guy was checking me and i argued for my Deo, Guess wad? it worked in btw tht he did nt asked me for Ticket N i Entered into Gold Gate (Heaven).. :-D :--D

i was Right there Seeing GnR from Front I Gt Gagaga Crazy Could not Believe... Tried all out to reach to front Row, while i felt they where Just singing for me

"Oo Oo Oo Sweet child O Mine" , Gave me more Energy i rushed Even more towards front, Managed to be in 3rd Row :D :--D (Now Guyzz Don't get Jeloues xP)

Amazing Setlist and also Cover Song "We Don't Need No Education", GnR took to heaven when they Dedicated~~> "Knocking on Heavan's Door" To Mumbai, Crowd went Even more Crazy When Dj Jumped into Crowd, He was Electrifying ... They Played almost all Number from there Instrumental to Nighttrain, Crowd was Humming and Singing with them for Each song, GNR(Axl) said this was our struggle to come here from 27years and we are Finally here..\m/ .. we as a Mumbaiker felt wad could be better after 3-4 years Mumbai Gt One International Rock-concerts? tht too GnR?

Crowd was easily around more than 30k , This was Like a Good Sex for all Music Lovers.. ;)

Hope Now Organizer will think for more International Rock concerts in Mumbai inspite of Heavy Entertainment taxes.. Fans showed up how Rocking Mumbai Scene is ....

A Big Thank You to #GnR !! for wad they Gave to Mumbai Tonight,

YOU will be alwyz there in Our Heart... PPL Who wrote u OFF cause of no Slash.. You Proved them Wrong Axl U Nailed them ...\m/

Here i End while u all Listen "Knocking on heaven's Door" Axl (GnR) Dedicated to Mumbai

Ps: "Thanks for reading it Patiently " thts just m feeling not English ;) Hehe and i know Feeling is Universal lang :-----D


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:D Lol, good one bud. I'm glad that the people of Mumbai finally got to see a great band. They always miss out because of the laws there and Bangalore and Gurgaon/Delhi get all the shows instead. This just goes to show that Axl/Guns/Rock N' Roll transcend barriers of language/country and it's good to know that India is one more country that Guns Live! have conquered - Freddie would have been proud - and I'm glad to see that people accepted Nu Guns for their awesome playing. Guns should play again in India - everyone gets bigger crowds there the second time around. I'm pretty sure that half of the skeptical Guns fans stayed away because certain members of the classic line up weren't there but will show up if/when the band next comes to town.
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