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You Could Be Mine & Steven Adler

Vincent Vega

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YCBM was written during the AFD era, possibly even before AFD was out. The chorus is given at the end of the liner notes of AFD. I was wondering, do you ever recall the band working on it with Adler while he was in the band, did you ever hear them play it before Matt was in the band?

Did it sound any different, did it have the drum intro that it has on the record? Were any of the rehearsal tapes of YCBM with Adler ever recorded? Is it just on some demo/rehearsal tape that's never surfaced?

I ask because I think a version of YCBM with Adler on drums, rawer than the album version, would be sort of a Holy Grail for AFD lineup fans, and I'm curious if anything like that even exists, if they ever did YCBM while he was in the band?

A tape of Slash/Izzy/Duff rehearsing Garden of Eden, Don't Damn Me and Locomotive with Adler from 1989 surfaced called The Mates Rehearsal...So if YCBM existed outside of an idea I'd be surprised if they didn't rehearse it with Steven around this period or earlier.....

And if YCBM did exist outside of an idea or riff in the AFD era, how come it wasn't released on AFD?

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