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malwares from image hosts issue

Crash Diet

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I got several messages from my browser that this website(freeimagehosting.net) contains malwares and trojans etc.

Pls ban this image host, because a lot of threads contains links from this site and the browser alerts everytime when i clicked a thread whom contain this

is it possible, to ban this host?

P.S. i use Chrome

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Its mostly a false warning. Because some idiot sometime in the past posted a piece of malware on that site its flagging every single thing on that site, including images.

Chrome is being over protective regarding the site. On Firefox I do not see an error of any kind and I have tested the site:

Mygnrforum: Detections 0/24 (0.00%) Status clean.pngCLEAN


Detections 1/29 (3.45%) Status detected.pngDETECTED

It is a false positive. Having said that if the browser is blocking out content we should remove the offending image and rehost someplace else. Or attempt ban on host.

This is new this week and we are not the only forum having this problem:


as you can see alot of forums are having this issue

User: nicorourke post#16 http://www.mygnrforu...15#entry3306284 in that thread the sig is the problem, rehost it somewhere else (I have rehosted here). If a mod can delete his sig and put this one in place



the thread will be clean of this error/

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Cheers, I've replaced it with an Imgur link.

Can't recommend an easier, more reliable image host than Imgur kids! Get on the bandwagon!

Also has false positive, Chrome may hickup this in future, every site has detections though just 1 is normal. In fact I can't find one without 1 detection LOL

All it takes is for one image to be infected and the site is considered unsafe. For now thanks for changing the image and making the forum clean :)

imgur.com Detections 1/19 (5.26%) Status detected.pngDETECTED

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