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You Could Be Mine - Zepp Tokyo 18th DEC 2012


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Well I like both performances, this is one of those songs where I really don't care that much about the rasp, I never really liked the performances of this song during the 90's Axl's voice seemed so... forced, like if someone was shocking him or something like that and the instrumental side of it... I've always liked more the instrumental side of the new GN'R than I ever liked the one of the old lineup, so there's no fight in that area for me

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I laughed all the way through this. Axl sounds weak and has no power. It's worse than 2001.

Woah Woah Woah, worst than 2001? Vocally I dissagree. When Axl tried the Rasp at times in 2001/2002 he sounded like a cat getting raped... Ala Rio 2001. At least Axl's rasp is better when he applies it this year. Check out Rosie from Hiro. But performance wise 2012 Axl can't hold a candle to 2001 / 2002 Axl running his ass off and getting in the spirit. That comes with age / laziness. If he was on the Sly Stalone Diet / Workout program, Axl would still blow minds.

I like my YCBM with some rasp.

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