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Axl the highest paid singer in the world right now?


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Two words: late fees.

Also, this is a bullshit site. It just has basic template stories and attaches celebrities names to them. All those "related articles about Axl" are the exact same for other celebrities, including Izzy Stradlin (that was the first time I came across this site, when someone posted about "Izzy's new album" from this site). I have no idea why this website does this, apart from to generate hits for advertising.

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This thread has to be 11/10 total bullshit..

Take a reality check - 50+ year old singer, fronting has been rock band with 90% hired hands earns more than charts toppers Rihanna etc..

Fuck off.. get real.. its total BS!

Axl Rose couldn't top the charts if he tried right now.. and he knows it..

Reality is, Axl + Slash is the only chance Guns N'Roses could enter the singles charts..

For the time being, GN'R Greatest Hits is about the only option to enter a chart..

Do the math..

..which probably goes some way to explaining why there is no news of a new album from Mr Rose.

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