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Frontman Andrew Stockdale schedules 3rd studio album 'Gatherings' release


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With Wolfmother-related news at its highest in months, some very big details regarding the follow-up to Cosmic Egg have finally been revealed by frontman Andrew Stockdale. The band’s third studio album is tentatively titled 'Gatherings', and is currently scheduled for release in March 2013.

Speaking in an interview published last week (December 12th), Stockdale revealed that after “about 15 months of on-and-off recording in about four or five different locations”, the group have eight of a planned 12 tracks for the album recorded, mixed, mastered, and ready for release. The currently accepted title of Gatherings is, in Stockdale’s own words, “probably the best we’ve got so far”, which suggests that a number of names are currently being considered for the release.

Andrew and his ever-changing gang have had their fair share of critics and naysayers over the past year or so, and the guitarist and singer is prepared to bear the brunt of the worst. “I don’t have an excuse at this point [after two albums] to put out a crap record”, he admits, identifying that the self-funded and -produced album is bound to draw some negative feedback. Despite this, Wolfmother’s second album Cosmic Egg received mainly favourable response from critics, and performed well in the charts.

Taken from wolfmother.net fan site.

Anyone as pumped as I am? Probably not... lol. I've been waiting for this for quite a while now, and it seems like karma or something but since I became a hardcore Wolfmother fan, Wolfmother has taken the exact same road as GnR: One original member, endless touring, constant broken promises of release dates and lack of interest from the label regarding a new album release. Talk about bad luck. Well, it seems at least Wolfmother has finally gotten back on track and I'm very confident about this record. Andrew, as lazy and complicated as he is, has proved himself to be one of the most talented rock n' roll frontmen of the past decade, and I have no doubts about his creative skills. Loved Cosmic Egg just as much as the first album. Hope this one lives up to my expectations.

Anyways.... Here's a new song they played last year:

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