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Favorite and Least Favorite CD songs

Vincent Vega

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What are your favorite and least favorite CD/New GNR songs?



Shackler's Revenge

Catcher in the Rye

Rhiad and the Bedouins

Better (demo version)

TWAT (demo version)

The Blues (RIR 3 version)

If The World (if it had less effects)

Oh My God (One of the best songs released under the GN'R label in general)

Least Favorite:

Scraped (HORRIBLE song, definition of filler)

Madagascar (Boring song that goes nowhere; Solo was better live and is drowned out by the quote montage)

Prostitute (Feels very generic musically)

Sorry (Boring song with no real push or hook, cringeworthy lyrics)

I.R.S. (feels like nothing more than an Old GN'R B-Side or Outtake)

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Favorite: T.W.A.T. Although repetitive... Axls Screeching vocals and Bucketheads Solo Own.

Least: Scraped. Not even an awesome drum intro could save this mediocre mess, solo sucks, riffs suck. And sadly it's worst than IRS and Rhiad.

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2. Prostitute

3. Better

4. Madagascar

5. This I Love

6. Sorry

7. Chinese Democracy

8. I.R.S.

9. Shackler's Revenge

10. Catcher in the Rye

11. Scraped

12. If The World

13. Street of Dreams

14. Riad N' The Bedouins

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Best to worst for me:

1. Better

2. There Was A Time

3. This I Love

4. Shackler's Revenge

5. Street Of Dreams

6. If The World

7. Chinese Democracy

8. Catcher In The Rye (Would be much higher if Brian May ended up on the album version)

9. Prostitute

10. Sorry

11. Madagascar (Much better live IMO)

12. Riad N' The Bedouins

13. IRS

14. Scraped

That said, I like every song to some extent.

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Favorite to least (and it changes all of the time):

1. There Was A Time (Didn't do much for me at first; the Bucket solo is the album highlight for me now; crazy good!)

2. Better (My favorite at first; I overplayed it; I sightly prefer the 2006 version)

3. This I Love (great; I overplayed it; wish Axl would stick with simple--like this--a bit more often)

4. Madagascar (really like the live LA Forum You Tube with lead-in solos by BBF and Fortus)

5. IRS (but strongly prefer the demo version that's heavy on the Hammond-style organ; album version drops 3-4 notches)

6. If The World

7. Prostitute (for some reason, I don't listen to it as much as the rest, but like it when I do)

8. Scraped (WTF at first; then grew to like it; liked the drum-heavy intro in live version)

9. Street Of Dreams (sometimes really like out-tro and get it stuck in my head)

10. Catcher In The Rye (ditto above)

11. Chinese Democracy (don't like the lyrics; music is kind of generic; prefer 1999 version)

12. Shackler's Revenge (hated it at first; skip it often, but have stretches where I'm really into it; hearing multi-tracks with vocals isolated gave me a new perspective on this one; it's cool, just not my usual kind of music)

13. Sorry (not bad musically but a little boring; kind of lame lyrically if its about Slash or the fans)


14. Rhiad & The Bedouins (only song I don't like; the stolen intro did make it better, LOL!)

I still find this album fascinating. It's one that you need to listen to several times, and then you fall in love with it. I probably gave it the chance that the typical listener didn't because I was so fascinated by the mystical/mythical history of the delay. It does have several near-misses from greatness (especially Prostitute, which has awkward transitions and If the World which has grating vocals at the start), but the lyrics are interesting and the music is really strong. It's sad when I see people on here bash it, seemingly because it's not like Appetite. It's a really good, complex rock album. People get mocked for saying it's one of the best rock albums of the last few years, but I think it really is. Also, if you know the confluence of events that caused the delays, and that it wasn't (all) just Axl being messed in the head, I think that helps (for a great read on the history, go read Chinese Whispers at www.gnrevolution.com).

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Best: Shacklers (the best GNR song ever), OMG, Chinese, Better, Catcher, SOD, Madagascar

Worst: If The World (the only track I dislike on the album).

Don't care what anyone says, it's a fucking great record, up there with AFD and Illusions any day of the week.

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Like: Chinese Democracy, Better, I.R.S (favorite on album but them demo version is MUCH better), Street of Dream (sometimes), TIL

Dislike: Pretty much everything else

I did love the Catcher demo, thought it could have been one of the best GNR songs ever, but the modern version just doesn't do it for me. TWAT is ok too I suppose, the solo at the end actually bores me though.

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I like every song on the album except Scraped. It had a nice riff and some interesting ideas, but I didn't think it came together to form a song that could appeal to me.

Other then that, I love the rest of the songs, especially Catcher, There Was A Time, Street Of Dreams, Better, Prostitute, and Oh My God (even if it's not on the album)

Chinese Democracy, Shackler's, I.R.S, and This I Love are great imo, and Riad, If The World, Madagascar, and Sorry are still songs that I listen to every week.

I agree with the post above me tho. It's time for some new music. One album every 20 years is not enough. (Especially when there are at least 18 unreleased songs 'finished')

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