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Terminator 1 vs. Terminator 2

Vincent Vega


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The effects in T1 were about as good as they got back then. The scene were hes cutting his eye out could have been better though, lmao. I chose 1. It was an instant classic. Awesome story, the Terminator in pt 1 was totally ruthless. The Terminator is up there w Darth Vader for best sci fi villian. And the series of movies that followed are all good to very good.

T2. The first one could've been better if the special effects weren't utter shit. And if it had a decent Blu Ray transfer :tongue2:

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Darker, way more tension, no cheesy humor, ( though I admit T2 is nowhere near as cheesy as T3... ).

Also, even though the T1000 looked killer back then, the CGI looks horribly dated now and liquid metal Terminator doesn't seem like such a good idea in 2013.

Oh and Edward Furlong's lines in T2 are SHIT.

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I've always viewed T2 as a dumbed down, big budget remake of the first film.

It's literally the same plot just with a higher budget.

Also, there's never really any feeling of tension or urgency. Robert Patrick's T-1000 is never as chilling or as sinister seeming as Scharzennegger's Terminator in the first film. He's underused, for one, and simply doesn't play a bad guy as well as Arnie did. Arnie fucking starts T1 by ripping some Punk's heart out of his chest for threatening him. Patrick knocks out a cop.

Also, in T1, it's a vulnerable, rather meek woman, and her HUMAN protector versus a seemingly unstoppable killing machine that doesn't sleep and will never stop pursuing them until either it is destroyed or it's mission is accomplished. In T2, you have a badass warrior woman, a Bart Simpson rip off kid, and a Terminator as their protector, defending them from another Terminator. It's not Man vs. Machine. It's Machine vs. Machine.

Also, the action scenes are nowhere near as good in T2 as in T1. T2 feels like any summer action film and some of it's scenes are bloated. T1 was low budget, raw, and heartfelt.

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T1 is pretty much a perfect flick. It's lean & mean but with tons of sentimentality and heart. I admire the fact that it was done on a shoestring budget, it gives it a certain charm. T2 is more of a roller coaster ride; thrilling while you're on it but you feel sort of empty by the time the cart pulls back into the station.

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