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Best silent movies


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the best ones always have no speaking. a bit like Pulp Fiction with the volume turned down. The only one I know is that Chaplin one where he becomes train driver and The Artist wasn't bad either. not big silent movie fan. we have the technology to hear people speak. let's use it.

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I thought The Artist was going to be cheesy because of the dog, but it turned out to be a really good film.

I'm hoping they reconstruct "Greed" where they can animate the stills somehow.

"Intolerance" and "Broken Blossoms" are favorites.

"Birth of a Nation" should be mentioned because of the importance in film history, but I don't put it on a favorites list.

There are some pretty cool experimental shorts past and present .

LOVED the "Trip to the Moon" Blu-Ray, definitely worth watching that one, esp. if you've recently seen "Hugo".

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Apparantly Criterion are going to start releasing the works of Harold Lloyd on blu-ray.

Quite excited about that!

They hinted earlier that one of the first releases might be "Safety Last". (ever seen that scene of a guy dangling from a broken clock high over the city?)

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The Artist doesn't count.

People should watch The Birth of a Nation without judgement and appreciate what a good film it was. It was appropriate for the time it was made in.

The Phantom of the Opera was great. Also The General. I think today people would appreciate the comedies and horror films though anything with Lillian Gish was nice because she was so beautiful.

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