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R.E.M. vs. Nirvana

Vincent Vega


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I prefer R.E.M.

Much, much, much better band. Basically Nirvana with actual songwriting talent and with less of an image.

As one guy said back in the day, Nirvana was nothing more than R.E.M. with distorted guitars. Even Cobain was inspired by Michael Stipe and wanted to work with him before he blew his head off.

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Nirvana, two great bands though, difficult to compare them because of the huge difference in the amount of material released.

R.E.M were pretty flawless for 10-15 years compared to the brief spell Nirvana were active.

As a songwriter Cobain was pretty much untouchable, the guy was a genius, he could do on his own what it took Stipe/Buck/Mills and Berry to do together.

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R.E.M. was everything Nirvana tried and failed to be.

Fairly sure REM wouldn't complain if it got half the attention and legacy Nirvana has.

And I hardly call Nirvana a failure.

That would have only happened if Michael Stipe had blasted his head off in 1994.

Nirvana only had one successful album. In Utero was a flop whose sales only turned around in the immediate aftermath of Kurt sucking on the shotgun.

They were a flash in the pan whose legacy was saved because Kurt took some buckshot for the team.

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