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Possible chance of Duff appearance at Perth show???

Ace Frehley

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It just occurred to me that the Soundwave festival is finishing in Perth on March 4th. Duff and Loaded are on the bill for it and GnR are playing the first show of the Aus tour 5 days later in Perth. Do you think there could be a chance that Duff might hang around for that show and surprise the Aussie fans? Most probably not, but us Guns fans, we're nothing if not optimistic.

On another note, i have have been a member on this board since 2004 and this is my 100th post. To say I like to watch is an understatement!

*Edit* Sorry, I got the dates wrong on looking at the Loaded website. They are in Japan with Adler then. Feel free to close and/or delete this thread.

Stupid American way of having the date *Note* Not having a go at Americans, just your grasp on the English language.

Wasted my 100th post.....Fail.

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Maybe Axl will go to Australia early, to go see the fest and show up to do a GNR song (or a cover) with Loaded. Duff prob. just wants to leave when the show's over unless he brought the family to hang out and see the other bands.

Has he ever done something like that before? Singing with other bands?

ETA: OK I forgot I've seen him singing with Queen, the tribute to Freddie.

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