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Has Axl visited Manson in prison?


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You are funny izzydoezit. For someone who does not follow Axl's band and is not interested in Axl, you seem to ask many question pertaining the said person LOL.

Is it some love & hate situation you are having? j/k. :xmasssanta:

Hmm. I don't hate Axl. I just don't approve of what he did to GNR. I am a fan of his, but not really a fan of his post 1994 era. I am interested in him. :awesomeface:

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December 26, 1993

Twenty-two years after winning a $500,000 lawsuit against Charles Manson for the murder of his father, Bartek Frykowski stands to collect at least part of what is owed him, thanks to the latest album by the rock group Guns 'n' Roses.

The band's label, Geffen Records, announced last week that it would pay Mr. Frykowski $62,000 for every million copies of the album, "The Spaghetti Incident?" that are sold. Mr. Manson's song, "Look at Your Game, Girl," appears on the album.

Mr. Frykowski, a 34-year-old cinematographer who lives outside Munich, Germany, was 12 when his father, Voytek Frykowski, and four others were killed in 1969.

Speaking at a news conference here, Mr. Frykowski said the money would be small compensation for losing his father.

"This person can't come back to you," he said through an interpreter. Hope for 'Something Positive'

"It is truly a bizarre chain of events that brings me here today, years after the most tragic event in my life," said Mr. Frykowski, whose two children are fans of Guns 'n' Roses. "Even though this new situation cannot change the past, my hope is that something positive will emerge for the future."

The royalties will be the first money that Mr. Frykowski has received since winning a $500,000 Federal lawsuit against Mr. Manson in 1971.

With accrued interest, Mr. Frykowski is now eligible for up to $1.4 million in royalties from anything Mr. Manson earns, said Nathaniel Friedman, Mr. Frykowski's lawyer.

Mr. Friedman, who won the lawsuit on Mr. Frykowski's behalf, has renewed the judgment twice since 1971. It expires every 10 years.

Mr. Manson's followers were convicted of stabbing and shooting Mr. Frykowski and four others at a Benedict Canyon house, rented by the director Roman Polanski, in August 1969. Mr. Polanski's pregnant 26-year-old wife, the actress Sharon Tate, was among the victims.

An autopsy found that Mr. Frykowski had been cut 51 times and shot twice.


Works out to be arouind 6.2cents per sale of TSI... (if my friday evening maths is right?) :popcorn:

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Hmm. I don't hate Axl. I just don't approve of what he did to GNR. I am a fan of his, but not really a fan of his post 1994 era. I am interested in him. :awesomeface:

If you haven't been a fan of what Axl has done in the last 19 years, maybe it's time that you find something that you are a fan of and start talking about that. Have you ever considered that your presence and comments here might be unwelcomed and a tad bit annoying to those of us who ARE interested in what he's been doing? Give that some thought the next time you are contemplating telling the rest of us AGAIN about how you are no longer interested.

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lol... Don't flatter yourself. I had no idea you were logged out. Anyway ... regarding your invitation to Vegas, sorry. I don't travel to see coverbands. Don't worry, though. I'm sure I'll be able to keep up with what's going on when you send your pissing and moaning tweets about how Axl is putting you, the crew, or the rest of the "band" in danger.

Have fun covering Slash's riffs in Sin City.


So now you travel to see coverbands? Go away. Nobody is buying your trolling.

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