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Don't you just wanna go back to 2006?


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I think a lot of "fans" here should go back to 1987.

When Guns actually released music on a regular enough basis?

See unlike you i'm not depressed about not having any new music. I enjoy what I already have immensely. I've been through those days and don't need them back.

Forgive me for wanting new music from my favorite band.

You want new music from your favorite band? That puts you in the same boat as 90% of the forum.

But.......alas............to a small group of 4-5 posters, that attitude makes you a bitter ex-fan reunionist hater with a huge sense of entitlement who should just shut the f*ck up and leave the forum.

And Volcano you really shouldn't talk about things that you know nothing about. Because you had some experience with a co-worker faking depression doesn't mean that 90% of all cases are made up. What a completely ignorant and insultive comment to make.

Everybody gets depressed now and again.

Being clinically depressed is an entirely different ball game.

Your little worshipping the new band thing, saying they are better than the old band shtick is cute and gives us all laughs on the forum. But you shouldn't make comments about issues you know nothing about.

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Thats the thing though, the album wasn't just 'around the corner'. Had you been told in 2006 of what you'd prefer - The album being out for a few years and constant touring or a fairly strong 8 month tour and then Axl going into obscurity again and not hearing from him until 2009, I'm sure you'd be happy with the current situation.

THIS! Remember mid-2009, when the band was rehearsing with DJ Ashba, and then suddenly packed up all their shit and did not tour until the tail end of the year. There were rumours that Axl was completely off his rocker, and would never tour again just to spite Irving Azoff. There were literally fans during this time who claimed that if they never heard new music they'd be fine, so long as the band toured again and we got to hear Chinese Democracy songs live. Grass is always greener.

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