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About people complaining towards Axl's voice


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Eddie Vedder, Bruce Dickinson...however, I love Axl in all his different forms...obviously, I'd love to hear sing the way he used to, but people age, and I can accept his changes.

For me, it would really be cool if he cool sound like in the Illusions in any future recording, and I think he can, if you have any doubt, just listen to the songs in Bach's Angel Down, that's the Axl I fell in love with!!!

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Still got it.

Fuck it. i can't pretend with this shit. That video is like 2% rasp and 98% Mickey Mouse. How is that "still got it"?

People who were at the shows are biased and can't get over the fact that his voice is bad.

GNR live is still a great experience - but Axl's seen much better days.

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His voice now would be awesome to hear on an album.

Yes - here's a soundboard from 2 months ago - he sounds just like the old days!

Or not.

Doesn't sound like a soundboard... at all....

Also, can everyone stop with the crying baby pictures? It's fucking annoying.

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OP is obviously trolling and being ironic so not gonna bother replying to him.

Thanks for sharing high. That was magical. His voice was perfect and the band was spot on. Great video!

I'm not sure what's the most tragic, Axl growing old and losing his voice or his desperate computer-fans who claim his voice is perfect and everything he does is magical no matter what. Actually, it's an insult to the good old Axl voice we all remember him for (80s/90s).

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