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Successful ventures musicians have gone into?


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This can be any thing related to music or not, but using their fame and money into something that worked out well for them. Could be something that led to them getting out of music and turning it into a full time career. Sometimes you hear about someone sinking money into epic failures and bad investments, but wanted to do a thread on the successes.

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Not really the same, but Sonny Moore started out as the singer in an emo band called From First to Last and now he's widely known as Skrillex.

He put his time in with bands, he's played festivals, he's DJ'ed, he creates music that people dance or spaz out to *L* , and he seems driven to succeed. Will that make him a Grammy winning producer and be finding talent that will also make him money in time? I'd keep an eye on him and see what happens. At 25, too early to tell. In 5 years, maybe. There's also scoring movie soundtracks that could put him in the running for an Oscar.

Yes, he made a transition into an in-demand DJ that gets paid way more than having stayed with the band.

They should take a DNA test...


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Guest Len B'stard

Rocawear, Wu Wear, Sean John, Snoop Dogg Clothing, 50 Cent has got G Unit clothing out there, vitamin water, fitness books, a fuckin' boxing promotion company, headphones, various rappers have got like, jobs endorsing booze like St Ides and all that, loads of em get into films and the like. Record label or imprint label bosses.

There just loads of it, ain't there, you could go on all day, it's sort of the thing now, all the birds bringing out bottles of posh pong and all sorts.

50's gotta be the lad though, fuckin' boxing promoting?!?! He must have a few quid layin' about.

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