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Was Michael Jackson the greatest frontman of all time?

Randy Lahey

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Oh yes, definitely.

I believe I had a similar debate a year or two ago with someone on here about MJ or Elvis being the greatest all time.

MJ was so talented in every aspect of his performances. The lists can go on and on.

What a talent. Shame the media scrutinized him beyond belief.

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I think as a live performer, he stood apart from everyone. If you were going to name "consummate entertainers", I'd put Michael at the top of that list, even without the army of dancers and effects, but what people criticized back around 2001 was to just get in a theater with a band and do the songs without all that spectacle - and he bailed.

Rock fans usually can't stand dance music, because they hate anything that involves dancing, but Queen during Hot Space, Freddie was spending way too much time in the nightclubs and it was coming out in the music. Bowie did his share of dance music, but no one made a big deal about it.

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Well, having stood in a football stadium and seen the likes of Michael Jackson, Axl Rose, David Bowie and Mick Jagger peform live,...for my money, it is not Michael Jackson who grabbed the crowd by the throat and didn't let go until the show was over.

MJ was bloody good, but not the best frontman ever.

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There's probably 200 names of people I can think of that were better frontmen than Michael Jackson.

I've always had the belief that all the big production stuff is nice, but you still should cut the crap out and deliver the goods.

Guys like Jagger and Axl can get up on any stage and take it over. Prince, too, and a ton of people who just have "it".

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A frontman? Michael Jackson was never technically a frontman, he was a performer who sporadically enlisted the services of other high profile musicians. One of the greatest entertainers ever, but surely not a 'frontman'.

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