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The Governor's Ball petition thread


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I was listening to the radio on my way home from work tonight about some kind of petition to take "GNR" off of the governor's ball. I guess there was A LOT of negative reaction to them being the headliners, to the point people have made a petition about it. After a quick google search, I found it:


Take it for what it is, but looks like it's been a rough week all around for nu guns.

EDIT: Fuckin' phone. Can somebody edit the title to "apparently axl's not wanted at the governor's ball"? Thanks.

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Not familiar with the Governor's Ball...what is it actually and has any rock band performed there before? Most of the bands or names I saw from the poster on the other thread this forum, I've never even heard of them. Only recognized Kanye West.

LMAO! This. Im surprised some knows them.

And the name "Governor's Ball" makes me think of like that ball from the movie "Enchanted".

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Ouch. I agree though, they really dont mesh AT ALL with the other artists there and who this show caters too. However that petition is pretty harsh

Who else is playing there?


I've heard of most of them, don't know what that tells you...

but yeah, most of those artists lean towards R&B/alternative music, so they don't really gel.

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