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[FIRST TIME LIVE] Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators -- "Gotten" Live @ Vienna, Austria 10.02.2013

Nosaj Thing

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So wait, do the Slash fans who make fun of This I Love like Gotten? I find that humorous.

I like both songs, and I don't find either humorous. I like This I Love better than Gotten, and Gotten would rank pretty low on my list of favorites from Slash. The thing about it (and really all of the Slash album) is its a different style, as is each song on the album, so its not a hard rock song and I found it forgettable on first listen. But like songs like Saint Is A Sinner Too and Nothing To Say, it grew on me as I explored the album deeper. I'm not a Maroon 5 fan by any means, but I like the way the song builds and since I haven't played the song as much as others on the album because its not my preferred style, I actually really find it refreshing when it does come on. I've grown to really enjoy it.

After watching the video, I do think it sounded really good live. Its not one I'd ever request they play, but it sounded really good. Agreed that Myles sounds better on this than other songs. I love him, but obviously its easier for him to sing these slower quieter songs because he's not trying to emulate Axl or someone else, which I think he does competently but it does sound different than the original. Great video and I thought the solo really kicked ass. Seemed like it got a great crowd response when I could have easily seen it falling flat live. I at least applaud Slash for regularly switching up his sets and consistently wanting to play so much of these new albums.

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