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Renting Movies from Your Local Video Store

Vincent Vega

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When I was a kid--in the mid/late 90s--we had a local Video Rental store which we frequented. It was a small place but always had a big selection of movies available; Some of y enduring childhood favorites (and probably many other films I've sadly forgotten) were from this place. It was a family run place as I remember it, though sadly, I can't recall the family, but I do remember that from years of renting from them, we built up a rapport of them.

I miss that. Netflix is cool but there's no human connection about it. You just download a movie in solitude or whatever. And it takes two seconds, it's routine. When I was a kid, we didn't rent every day, and as such, when we did, it was kind of an event. It was something to look forward to. And businesses like Netflix probably put so many families like the one I used to rent from out of business--I only hope they found some other trade to prosper in.

Aside but I also miss VHS types. Yes, yes I know newer is better, but popping in a VHS tape holds a lot of nostalgia for me....So do phones with cords but that's a different point entirely.

Does anyone else miss renting movies from your local video store?

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I still rent DVDs from the library which I live next door to. It's cheap (£1.60-£2.50), I don't have to download anything and I'm not tied in to a monthly charge. They also have a good selection of world cinema to choose from. It suits my lifestyle, and is something I never did when younger. To me, I couldn't ask for anything better right now. No need to miss anything!

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Netflix is definitely convenient. Plus it's cheap to just buy a lot of older movies nowadays. I'm a big action fan, for example, and most of my Stallone and Schwarzenegger movies cost me about $5 or less a piece. At that price, there's no need to rent because it'd cost me about the same anyways. Then there's the option of renting off of cable or satellite and you don't even have to leave your house.

All that said, while it's easier to get movies nowadays, I do miss walking into my local video store and seeing walls covered with VHS tapes. Sometimes as a kid I'd rent a movie just based on the box art. If something looked cool, I'd probably get it. Then the nostalgia of the "Be Kind, Rewind" stickers and so forth. The good ol' days.

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