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Concert Habits


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I was thinking about some of the "concert habits" (for lack of a better phrase) the band (really Axl) has and thought it'd be cool to see what other ones people on here have noticed. The ones I could think of were:

  • "Beat it!" during Paradise City
  • Axl stopping before the last part in November Rain for a sip of water(?)
  • Throwing the mic into the crowd after Paradise City
  • Giving the finger (and getting it back) during the "Fuck off!" line in It's So Easy
  • Turning the lights on over the crowd during the line "because the lights are shining bright" during Patience
  • Asking "Do you know where the fuck you are?" before Welcome to the Jungle

Any others ya'll can think of?

And no, "playing the same set list" does not count as a "concert habit"!

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Axl hand motioning the curves of a lady on WTTJ during, "You're a very sexy girl..." Funny...seen him do this with both hands.

Axl moistening the puss on WTTJ during, "...Very hard to please."

Axl standing in front of the drum kit on WTTJ during, "You now where you are?......You in the jungle, baby.....You gonna dieeeeeeeee!!!!!"

Ummm....that's just scratching the surface of the nightly routine. Everything has become scripted.

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