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Axl at NBA finalsis axl?


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Axl looks like he a strong chemical peel done. Maybe some botox too.

In the NBA final pic, he's in bad light, it's hard to see.

He may have had plastic surgery but it's not clear. Losing weight or getting healthy can have massive improvements on appearance.

To be honest, his results, of whatever he did, are actually really good.

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This is also from 2001 and Axl looks way different...


He looks more "normal" there than in the NBA clip. I've always found that NBA clip strange. He just looked so weird and different then suddenly in 2006 he looked the same as he did in 1994 (minus the braids of course).

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The NBA 2001 video is fucking blurry. Of course it's going to make it look like he has no wrinkles.

We have a home video and the quality is "meh". In a close up my dad appears to have no wrinkles or jowls at all. Pictures from the same day he looks pretty damn different.

The NBA 2001 video is just shitty quality hence why Axl looks different.

Photos and videos in general, a person can look different from video to video and photo to photo.

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There's a rare picture over at htgth taken of Axl during the finals and he looked nothing like he did in this clip.

Can you show us?


now THIS is what I call a rare pic! The Man and Bob Pivoroff!!

Philadelphia, PA in June 2001, at Sheraton Rittenhouse hotel (NBA Finals)


Behind them is Tommy, known to be a fan of the Sixers.

I seriously thought this pic was from the 90's at first. How does he look so much like his old self in this picture but yet in the video he looks all odd?

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