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The James Brown thread

Randy Lahey

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Guest Len B'stard

Fucking adore JB, his live at the apollos are the best live albums ever recorded, him period is one of the greatest musical artist singer thingies ever

To grace the fuckin planet, better than a thousand jackos and a million jaggers, an absolute fucking God, sheer dynamite as a performer, just totally without peer or prescedent (except maybe little richard), such a beautiful bastard, no amount of praise or superlatives are worthy of this great great man, at last count i had 32 different james brown CDs picked up from various places back when i kept CDs, just absolute magic, the only man that can concievably be considered to be like...equally important to hip hop and rock n roll, what we know as the rock n roll frontman is basically a take on him, jacko is a take on him, hip hop was almost born out of sampling this magnificent bastard, James Brown is the fuckin living end, total fuckin godlike genius!

Everybody on this planet should own In the Jungle Groove and play it LOUD every fuckin' day :)

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