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Vegas DVD/Blu-Ray Discussion

Randy Lahey

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Well, they probably had a '3 hrs meeting' about this very release. You'd therefore have to say that 'soon' is indeed the word. As is 'never'.

Here's a new album title for Axl:

Soon and Never

Nice! Or even Soon is Never, or Never Soon

Well, they probably had a '3 hrs meeting' about this very release. You'd therefore have to say that 'soon' is indeed the word. As is 'never'.

Here's a new album title for Axl:

Soon and Never

Finally cracked it - 'Never Soon Never Again'

Guns n' Roses - Apocalypse Soon

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It isn't beyond the realms of possibility. If I remember correctly, wasn't a live DVD part of the Azoff settlement?

I don't think you're remembering correctly. The only stipulation we got to read was the touring part.

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To be honest I don't know the last release got canned but it would be disappointing if never released

Also the Topps cards need to be sent to fans

I agree with you 100% on the topps cards! I've been waiting on mine for about 2 months I guess. From what I've read the cards had not even even signed when topps started distributing the redemption cards. Of course this was online so take it with a grain of salt!

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I think we have 2 weeks at the most to know if this is going to be released by the end of the year for xmas.

If it's not at the end of the year, then I'd say the chances of it ever being released are low. I can't imagine they would release this in the cinema in Jan/feb. Always seems a bit of a dead/non-profitable time in any market.

Personally I believe lawyers have been arguing on both sides, raking up the fee's, most likely to do with money between GNR & Rockfuel and copyright issues and possible payment of previous members etc... that it's just gotten to much of a headache, with little return to release. I'd also assume that releasing this in theaters might be a bit of a gamble on the return.

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Is it just to give the impression it's still 1991. Axl is still a rock star with a Ferrari.

It was a home made video though wasn't it. Lars and Bach maybe made it more playable on tv, it draws people in, journalists can talk. If you don't have the the money for a feature length movie...

At the time Magnificient and Day that Never Comes videos seemed pretty low budget. It was just those bands in desert locations playing in the sand?

for SOD I'd want the band playing in front of the Hollywood sign with choppers circling maybe with an 80s action movie tie in. Sasha Volkova would be need to be playing Seymour.

Ha! Excellent. Axl in the die-hard vest with sweat marks and aviators on.
isnt that what we want? a real old school GNR video. Maybe with some hip hop flourishes. The band coukd drive to the Hollywood sign in armoured SUVs. Some Casino type plot thrown in and its a wrap.
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Just release the 1992 Paris show already, or another show from the classic lineup, there's no point in releasing a dvd with the current band.

I'd love for them to release Paris, but I'd prefer this one:

08.03.91 - Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA

opening act: Skid Row


Perfect Crime

Mr. Brownstone

Right Next Door To Hell

Bad Obsession

Live And Let Die

It's So Easy


Dust N' Bones

Double Talkin' Jive

Civil War

I Was Only Joking [intro] - Patience

You Could Be Mine

Piano Solo - November Rain

My Michelle

14 Years


Welcome To The Jungle

Drum Solo

Guitar Solo

Godfather Theme

Pretty Tied Up

Rocket Queen

Don't Cry [w/ Shannon Hoon]

Only Women Bleed [intro] - Knockin' On Heaven's Door

You Ain't The First [w/ Shannon Hoon]

Used To Love Her

Move To The City

Bad Time [intro] - Sweet Child O' Mine

You're Crazy [w- Sebastian Bach]


Out Ta Get Me

Dead Horse


Paradise City

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Do you believe that this 3D blu ray will ever be officially released? I'm kind of on the fence. Can Slash or the old guys block this if they want to? I hope it happens, but I'm not counting on it.

Block it on what grounds? - performing songs created by Slash, Izzy, Adler, Duff..

I doubt they would block it, not unless they couldn't agree on a percentage of the profits, which i guess they would be entitled to.

If Slash can release a Blu-ray, why not GNR?

Maybe there is a fine line between calling something live, and what Axl wants to put out :D

They are business partners but they don't really have any say in what happens with new releases as their not in GnR anymore. they get paid royalties for any on the AFD, Lies, Illusions songs. can't block it though, the only person with that power is our very own Axl Rose... well his record label could too but I doubt they would as they are in the business of making money and a DVD of Vegas would probably sell a fair amount (not mega sales) definitely worth the release.

Do I think it will see the light of day!? god I hope so. I would like to think Axl and co are putting the final touches to it now (vocal edits etc.) If there's a functioning brain in the GnR camp they would have it out for christmas but I don't think it's happening seen as we're in October now and there's absolutely no word about it! I love how this band puts no effort into satisfying their fanbase yet hey have an incredibly passionate and die hard following :D other bands would kill for fans like that!

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Killer set list^^

The point is, any show by the real band is better than a release by the new one.

Stop speaking like your opinions are facts.

It's pretty clear he's expressing his opinion. And it's an opinion that probably 99% of anyone whose ever heard of GNR would agree with.

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hitmanhart reported this on MSL's forum a few days ago...

"I received some fantastic news that things are moving along. I can't comment on specifics but fans should not be worried about this being cancelled."
...and then MSL wrote this
"whatever the band, label or production company have planned, M.SL does not want to spoil their announcement.
we have reason to believe the legal issues are finally being resolved and that an official update will be made in the coming weeks."
I honestly can't wait, I hope this gets released asap! :)

*edited for typo*

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Subs and HV got an inside scoop similar to this months ago, pretty much the exact same thing, and nothing ever came into fruition. I don't have much faith this will be much different.

Once again, I'll believe it once we're able to actually go out and purchase it.

Axls track record speaks for itself. Especially regarding DVD releases.

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