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Close picture of Axl rings


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69 is significant for obvious reasons. The summer of love. The position where a guy licks cooch while a girl simultaneaously gobbles knob. Duh.

1994 is much more personal. That was the year that I first touched a girl's boob, and not coincindentally, achieved my first non-self-induced orgasm. The moment my fingertips connected with that sweet sweet nip, I let loose like a firehose right in my goddamn tighty-whiteys. So there is no wonder why Axl would choose to commemorate this glorious year forever in gaudy finger jewelry!!

God bless you Cxxxxxxxx L. Kxxx, wherever you are!!

And THAT is why the year 1994 will always go down in history.

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He would've been 7 in 1969. Could have something to do with a major milestone in his childhood, good or bad.

1994 was axl's last appearance and when SFTD was released, which could also be when the band started severely falling apart. It was also when Paul Huge joined.

Could also be the length of Axl's friendship with slash or izzy.

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I had the opportunity to check out and hold Axl's rings before, never seen these ones. That is not to say he doesn't wear these, I have just never seen em.

do you know what the stones are in the large rings?

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