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Buyer beware - Bach's new live DVD hilariously bad.


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As a huge fan of both his music in Skid Row and his solo albums, I bought this DVD in good faith, knowing what a kick-ass live vocalist Bach is with those powerhouse vocal chords!

On this DVD you will find three different festival shows, so you won't be getting a full set, but each show has eight or nine tracks, so potentially this could've been very good value for money. Unfortunately, the setlists on all three shows are almost identical rendering the whole idea rather pointless. Instead of offering up a variety of tracks throughout the three shows, you're left with repeated performances of the same songs.

However, as one of the greatest live rock vocalists of recent times, I would've gladly overlooked this minor gripe were it not for the fact that the shows themselves are a major let down. Each show has been overdubbed by Bach in the studio (Bach himself has openly admitted this). I know a lot of artists do this, but I'm not talking about the usual tidying up and fixing of the odd bum note. He has re-recorded the entire vocals so they sound identical to their studio counterparts. There are some hilariously cringeful parts on the DVD where Bach is heard belting out notes and yet he isn't even singing or holding the mic to his mouth.

This really is one of the worst live DVDs I've ever seen. I have no problem with an artist fixing minor glitches in the studio - as Bach himself has said, they all do it. But to re-record the entire setlist of a concert DVD and try and pass it off as a legitimate live experience is just plain wrong.

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Is this the ABachalypse one? The name is bad enough. I thought post production was supposed to iron stuff like this out? Although I suppose that is impossible if you are working with a whole new soundtrack.

I also need to watch this now. Maybe that was the marketing strategy!

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