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Aside From Axl, Which Member of GNR Old and New You Want to Make an Autobiography?


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Old: Dizzy. He's been around all this time and could talk about the lost years. If Dizzy doesn't count, then Izzy.

New: Tommy. He's been around for a while now and can talk a lot about the CD era. Bumblefoot would be cool too, but he hasn't been in GnR long enough to say anything ground breaking.

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There's not much known about Izzy, and would want to read about what led him to go to LA not knowing anyone and trying to start bands up, why he left GNR, and what he's been doing since. I think going into the songwriting of the albums would be good as far as breaking down what he contributed. I don't think he'd worry about stepping on Axl's toes in the book, unlike Duff and Slash, but odds are Axl wouldn't burn bridges with him if he put the book out, because they're 20 year old stories, and I think going into repairing the friendships with band members is how he'd wind the book up.

His time in LA is a story in itself and all the people he connected with before GNR was formed. I'd want to know when he and Slash started to become friends, because Slash's biggest rival was Tracii Guns at the time, and Izzy lived with him.

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About their life story and most of all, days at GNR.


^This. I wanna know why he left. And no because he didn't like that life anymore or a general explanation, I want every detail that led him to take that decision.

NuGuns: Frank. :drevil:

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Bumblefoots would be interesting. How he transitioned from the type of musician he was to rock star. Hearing a bit about his wife would be fascinating too. She is a qualified vet and presumably has her own career, a bit different from your average rock wife. Must seem weird having a professional life for years then thrust into the world of GNR.

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