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Aside From Axl, Which Member of GNR Old and New You Want to Make an Autobiography?


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Autobiographys from the original lineup (aside from Axl):

Slash - "Slash"

Adler - "My appetite for destruction"

Duff - "its so easy (and other lies)"


This means aside from Axl, Izzy is the only member of the original lineup who hasn't released an autobiography. So when answering the thread question, we don't really have any alternatives now do we?

In the new band however....

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I don't think Izzy will ever do an AB, it doesn't seem his style. I think we would be more likely to get an Axl one.

I wouldn't be surprised though if the only 'official' Axl book was a posthumous biography from Fernando or similar.

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I don't think Bucket is capable of a sane, non-gimmick influenced account of his stint with GNR therefore I wouldn't jump at that option as others have done. It would be child like and filled with all of that chicken/robot/puppet imagery.

Dizzy would write everything from a pro-Axl perspective to protect his career.

Tommy for his honesty and long-term involvement, and Finck because I think he'd write one hell of a piece.

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