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How important is Bumblefoot to the future of Guns N' Roses?

Vincent Vega


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He is mainly important just in terms of stability.

Losing more band members would really be another blow to Axl's ability to keep GnR out there.

Every new band member and every year without an album..........just makes Axl look foolish.

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I agree with groghan.

Other than that, his presence is grossly exaggerated. He added a few minor parts to songs and rearranged some exisiting solos. He has no writing credits on anything.

He's played more shows playing lead guitar to "gnr" songs that he had nothing to do with, other than the occasional appearance of shacklers, and now catcher as of late.

If he left, he would just get replaced with another virtuoso who is looking for something impressive and significant to put on their resumes, and 95% of people wouldn't even bat an eye.

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He is completely underused so GnR could replace him with a way less skilled shredder and it would, unfortunately, be the same.

Sad, but true.

That's sad.

But he's my only hope. If he leaves Ashba will take care of all the leads on the next album. That's where things will get pretty fucked up. So he's the most important band member right now, lol.

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