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Rock stars you've seen live, later died.


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Name some rock stars you've seen live in concert(not just you-tube) who later died.

Steve Clark, Def Leppard

Layne Staley,Mike Starr, Alice in Chains

Brad Delp, Boston

Jani Lane, Warrant

Robbin Crosby, Ratt

Johnny and Joey Ramone, The Ramones

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Did having seen them live make it seem more sad when they died compared to other musicians you liked but hadn't seen?

I remember when I first got into Manic Street Preachers I read loads about Richey Edwards disappearing because it was so interesting to me. It wasn't until I saw them play William's Last Words (which reads like a suicide note he left them) that I really thought about how it wasn't a part of history for them, it was them losing one of their mates.

I can't think of anyone I've seen who later died actually. I had Michael Jackson tickets for that tour that never happened but that's about it. It's weird now that I think about it hat because most of my favourite bands are really old, I will slowly just watch them all die one by one. From afar obviously. I'm not threatening them.

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I forgot about Dime and Jani Lane. I never thought I'd use those 2 names in the same sentence.

I think Phil Anselmo died once too.

Dimebag Darrell.

Seen Pantera in 2001 than met him with Damageplan in summer of 2004. Than a second time December 1 2004. Exactly a week before we was murdered.

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Some of the ones mentioned like Jani Lane, John Entwhistle, The Ramones, Dimebag - and Mark Sandman from Morphine. The piano guy in Skynyrd, Rick from Pink Floyd. 2 of the guys in the E Street Band. Ike Turner, Joe Strummer, Arthur Lee, Carl from the Beach Boys, INXS.

I skipped on seeing Brad Delp when I was living in NH and he was doing some Beatles cover band project, regretted that one, and passed on seeing Juliana Hatfield - Jeff Buckley opened for her. Saw Donna Summer and The Monkees at a fair show.

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