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Chicago 92


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Definitely watch St. Louis. Great show. Noblesville Indiana is probably one of my absolute favorites from the UYI tour.

Deer Park amphitheater, think its "cellular one something or other" now.

I was physically there :thumbsup:

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up to UYI releases the 1991 was more of an aggressive one (Izzy still there, no stupid expensive videos, no horns and back up singers, Axl stage diving, ranting, st. louis etc. etc.)....but they still managed to get some cool shows after that, Chicago'92 being one of the VERY good ones. Axl's performance and the setlist are top notch....and IMO his vocals peak all of his UYI appearance in 4/1992 - exspecially to be seen and heard on the "true" gen1 3dvd.

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