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Terminator or Terminator 2?

Terminator or Terminator 2?  

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T2 is probably my all-time favorite action movie for many reasons. My favorite scene, when Sarah is about to get into the elevator at the hospital and comes across Arnold for the first time. Still thinking he's a bad guy trying to kill her, her reaction is so emotional ... powerful stuff.

The original Terminator movie was also good, but it didn't have as good a plot as T2 and wasn't as creative. The villain in T2 was just amazing.

Robert Patrick was a better villain than Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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I thought Terminator 2 was even better than the first one. I liked it better with Arnold being the good cyborg. I loved the part when Sarah Connor is escaping the hospital and she runs right into Arnold and John Connor. That scene is priceless!

Hearing GNR was an added plus too. But I think was the best Terminator movie in the 4 of this series.

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