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My collection of all members of GNR on Howard Stern Show


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I miraculously found an old HDD that had a gigantic collection of everything Howard Stern that i had lost a few years ago and recently recovered.

I'm starting to upload a few phone and in studio appearances as audio files to my youtube account, as im sure you guys will like to hear the many highs and lows from each member during and after there stint with GNR.

Certain members spoke about rehab, first time jamming, band name title, ST Louis riot, late appearances, the Metallica tour, marriage and divorce, flings with pornstars, album release dates, GNR MTV awards appearances, drug use,

and many many other topics.

I do have a few individual video appearances from the band on the show, but this will take me some time to work out how i can exceed the 30min mark on youtube to upload.

This has taken me 4 hours to upload so far cause i have to split and join files so i don't post a complete whole show.

Some you may have heard and some you haven't, click on the below link and check the rest from my channel.

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Thank you! I posted the 2008 review they did on CD on youtube. In it, they claim that Slash said in an earlier visit to the show that Buckethead was a good technical player but lacks emotion; If you could find that interview, would be cool!

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I think the Stern Show did a GNR special with all the interviews, but because Scott Weiland and Chip Z'nuff had been on the show prior to Adler's Appetite and VR, Howard had that added history with them.

If Axl moves to NY, should be interesting to see King Dick and the King of All Media get together.

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Stern has done a Van Halen special with all the previous interviews but never a Guns N Roses special.

I might add all of Scott Weilands interviews post Velvet Revolver, i do recall him being bitter bout how he was kicked out the band in one interview.

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