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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


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Im a BIG Marvel fanboy. Still read lots of comics/graphic novels til now.

That said, I hope they wont merely namedrop Marvel characters but is a cop/agent drama. lol. But we will see... Whedon is very good.

I just picked up ANT-MAN Season One, hardcover.

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I don't have high expectations for this film.

Tha Ant-Man movie? (or are you talking about the SHIELD t.v. show)?

If Ant-Man...I'm intrigued and I'll go see it, I like the character and I'm interested to see how they work with it.

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It's a Whedon TV show, so no doubt it will be good (whether it will be great depends on how involved he is ep to ep), but it may also be swiftly cancelled. Although, there is a large built in fan base so it should do well enough.

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As previously mentioned in the thread, this thread is marked with a "Marvel" tag. Will there be tags for for example HBO/showtime/AMC other channels, companies, genres or even directors or is it a Marvel bias? :P

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Considering Whedon had a hand in this, I thought the pilot was really underwhelming. The shitty CGI back to the future was not a good note to go out on.

None of his pilots rank amongst the best of their respective series. I thought it was hugely promising and Clark Gregg is an ideal muse for him.

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I saw the first show, but really wasn't that impressed.

I loved the Avengers movie, Thor, and Captain America and of course Iron Man, but this show doesn't have any of those Avengers and I wasn't all that fond of the characters they do have on it.

I doubt any of the movie Avengers will be on since they'll probably want a lot of money unless of course they do it as a favor to Joss.

Anyway, too many shows coming on that I watch now, so I had to drop this one. I do like Brooklyn 99 though.

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