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Favorite Guitarists from the 1960's

Georgy Zhukov

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I think Clapton tops all guitarists in the 60's. Even Hendrix. His work on Bluesbreakers, Cream, Blind Faith and Derek and the Dominos with Duane Allman (even though the album came out in 1970) is some of the greatest guitar works I've ever heard. I personally think Hendrix is really freaking good, even Clapton would say Hendrix was he best, but I think the drugs held back his best work. It is hard to imagine what he could do better than Little Wing, Voodoo Child and All Along the Watchtower.

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Hendrix makes Clapton sound, pedestrian - granted, not as a pedestrian as the armini suited version of Clapton today but still, pedestrian.


Hendrix makes clapton sound like a little girl. I like clapton and respect him and all, but he's overrated imo. If clapton is in fact "God" then hendrix, page, and beck were something far more powerful.

My fav of the bunch was page. I think he could do everything hendrix could do, but he was best at setting a mood with his playing. People have their complaints about him; sloppy, stole songs, and what not. But if I was starting a band you can't go wrong with page in his prime. I just love everything about his playing. Him and eddie van halen inspired my guitar playing more than anyone. And both guys still inspire me to this day.

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Clapton has gotten better with age. One of the top 3 in blues today.

Even Clapton himself admitted he's not as good as he once was. I think he's still great tho. He was always a little too tamed imo in his approach, but it didn't stop him from being one of the best ever.

I like this performance cause it shows Eric in a loose mood which is rare:

Go to 2:50 and watch how he takes over with a ton of energy. I enjoyed his little solo more then everything Jeff Beck did in that performance.

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Clapton was always modest. I think the fact he underrates himself and that he spent much of his career being a singer/songwriter harmed his reputation to being one of the best. He will always say B.B. King, Hendrix, SRV and others were better than him.

Yeah, he totally smoked Beck's ass. Not like it was a competition but he smoked his ass.

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Disagree. I prefer Beck over Clapton.

And now, Clapton these days - he just puts out bland covers albums and plays 100 nights at the Albert Hall to awful upper middle class crowds who only own one of his CDs (Unplugged). His crowds are the same type of people who think, owning Bob Marley's Legend makes themselves look hip and 'wordly'. Clapton has not been musical interesting since the early '70s at the latest and that is just because of Layla, his work with George Harrison and that superb live album he put out (with Townsend on it). Otherwise I would say, since Cream.

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I do not hate him, in fact, I love his work in the '60s. It is just, most of his post-60s work is uninteresting and bland. If I was listing my top five I would probably go...

1/ Hendrix

2/ Jeff Beck

3/ Peter Green

4/ Mick Taylor

5/ George Harrison.

Something like that. The others may change but Jimi remains top.

By the way, if this was the 1950s I would go...

1/ Chuck Berry

2/ Carl Perkins

3/ Scotty Moore

4/ Hank Garland

5/ Hank Marvin (The Shadows were the dorkiest looking band ever but they possessed some great material.)

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I agree his post 60's work was bland. I think that is what he wanted. I remember reading something about not wanting to look stupid when he gets old. So he basically plays oustanding blues covers. His Stormy Monday his amazing.

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